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"Erin Mahone puts mental health front and center,  thereby beginning to dissolve its stigma. The fact  that she does so with humor and grace simply makes her achievement that much more impressive. I cannot think of anyone who would walk away unchanged.”

Fred Orelove, Ph.D.

Special Educator, Author, Advocate



Erin Mahone is an entertaining and inspiring speaker with the ability to tailor her presentations to the needs of most audiences. She possesses unique and effective skills in opening minds and helping diverse audiences develop new narratives that make meaning from pain, transform trauma into resilience, and change perceptions of mental health, trauma, disability and other intersectional identities. 

Erin is the author of the book, If You Could See Me: Life, Motherhood, and the Pursuit of Sanity - an honest, humorous collection of personal essays about her own journey. She is the creator of the solo show "It Runs in the Family" a performance of songs and stories about her family struggles with mental health. Erin has been gracing stages large and small as a speaker, singer, storyteller, and actor since she was a small child. 


Erin is a trained facilitator with advanced education in group dynamics and facilitation. Erin has a decade and a half of experience holding space for exploration of complex, taboo, and often emotional subject matter. Her training and temperment make Erin the perfect individual to lead your group or organization in discussion. Contact Erin if you are interested in addressing complex issues associated with creating a trauma-responsive, mental health conscious, inclusive and affirming culture in your group or organization.

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