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A speaker, facilitator, and communicator who:

THINKS creatively. She believes in following the story. She affirms, validates, and invites collaboration. When curiosity replaces judgement, narratives can begin to heal. 

FEELS transparent, optimistic, compassionate, warm, nurturing, humorous,  & challenging of the status quo. 

DOES things differently. She has deep expertise in how people think and she’s broadened typical approaches to be more inclusive and immersive.

"Erin's passion for mental health and well-being is like none other I have ever experienced. Erin makes it known that you are in charge and that the journey you embark on with her is yours and yours alone. She takes her cues from you and listens to your body language as well as your words. Those things give a feeling of ownership and value in self from the start. Erin empowers people to believe in and love themselves.


There are not enough words to convey how meaningful my interactions with Erin were and continue to be for me. I am still making decisions and changes in my life based on the discoveries learned during my time spent with Erin as my mentor, coach, and advocate. My experience is not a unique one, having had many conversations with others who have encountered Erin, I know that this is uniquely Erin and that this is what she brings to the table."

The If You Could See Me Conversations Podcast

Candid, entertaining discussions about mental health, healing, and changing the narrative. 

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